Sunday, 29 August 2010

Summer memories

As it's the August bank holiday, it feels like summer is drawing to a close. This summer has gone super fast for me. I began it by finishing University, then going to Turkey for a well earned holiday.

I'm lucky that home is living by the sea. I will of course moan in the winter when there's miserable weather and nothing much to do. Yet in the summer my sleepy seaside town becomes like a sunshine oyster-you just have to prise it open for the pearls!

So here's to an amazing summer despite the weather. I hope everyone else has had great summers. Influenced by the highstreet shops and designers releasing their A/W 2010 collections, I feel nearly ready to embrace autumn- after I get back from Australia of course (I leave beginning of October). Hey, no harm in being prepared right?!

I'll leave you with a picture of a duck, simply, because I love ducks. Quackers moi?

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bee-ze times.

Inspired by a photograph I took of what I guess to be a honey bee

I created this

Sometimes it's hard to remember that we are all beeotifully unique and individual. I've come to realise that a lot of our own unhappiness comes from comparing ourselves, and what we've got (or haven't got) to others. I'm making an effort to stop doing this. Indeed I'm fully embracing the mantra: Let it BEE! Hey that's twice I've sneaked in Beatles references.

On another note, my life is on hold at the moment as I've got a bad neck and shoulders. Incase you're wondering I injured them whilst being pulled along on a rubber ring by a speedboat on holiday (ouchies!). The other day I went for a therapeutic massage so they're pretty aggravated and inflamed at the moment. Despite this, I've got so much stuff to organise for my general life (MOT, eye test, car insurance, dentist) and travels. All this means I am a dazed busy bee at the moment. I'm comforted by the thought that I'm pretty sure I'm not the only busy blogger. It's coming up to September which normally means busy month as people begin to start new things like University terms, new jobs etc. I've always felt that September is a special month...I am of course biased as it's my birthday on the 7th, I'll be turning 22!! Oh I'm getting OLD.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Rainy Sundays.

There's something I've always loved about Sundays. I rarely do anything on Sundays, it's definitely my chilled out, wind down day. As it's raining (typical 'English summer' weather), and I noticed my awful looking toenails...I decided to paint my toenails! I was in the mood for something dark and possibly sparkly. With beige tones coming into fashion I thought hey why not mix it up a bit?. I also read the other day that putting sparkly nailvarnish with bits on top of a colour stops it chipping so quickly! So I opted for my faithful O.P.I's 'Over The Taupe' polish and 'Disco Ball Sparkle'. O.P.I nail varnishes retail for about £9.00 upwards, which does appear expensive. However I have had my bottles now for ages and you can tell the quality in the brush, the way the varnish goes on and how chip resistant it is. Not to mention the fact that they last a long time and I've nearly had one bottle go gloopy, like cheaper brand nail polishes do.

So here are the results, apologies for anyone who hates feet!!

I think the two varnishes work really well together, and putting my bad toe painting skills aside, I really like my newly painted toenails. Referring back to my last blog, Inception was AMAZING! Go see it if you can! Anyway I bought The Boat That Rocked the other day so I'm going to go watch it and curl up with a cup of tea!

Sunday, 15 August 2010


So as you can see my first proper post is about love. Love is important right?! Afterall, as The Beatles sang, love is all you need!

I've been super busy recently working and saving up for my travels to Australia. In between working i've made time to do photography and some art, which over the coming weeks I'll be regularly sharing with you guys...

As a regular feature I'll be compiling little mood boards of what I'm loving. So here's my first of many.

1) Brogues: Kate Kanzier
2) The new Mulberry bags...I love them all!
3) Red velvet cupcakes, Hummingbird Bakery nom!
4) Cath Kidston purse.
5) Salmon & Cream cheese bagels, nom, nom!
6) Catching up with those friends who just make everything seem ok!
7) Shabby chic furniture: DotComGiftShop
8) Summer = Pimms O'clock.
9) Summer= discovering new places, or revisiting old places and seeing new things!

Right better get myself sorted as I'm going to dinner and the cinema with two of my good friends. We're going to see Inception, I hope it's good!

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

First time

Hello, welcome to Coming Up Roses. I am brand spanking new to the blogging world so you'll have to bare with me whilst I get this thing up and running. I've been reading various fashion, photography and beautifully creative blogs for a fair few months. I have decided to take the plunge and create my own little haven and outlet for my own creativity, visions and ramblings about life as a twenty-something.

So...I hope you are as excited as me. Expect to see blogs involving photographs of my travels, fashion, some of my personal art and things that are inspiring me from all over the globe. I currently have lots of ideas bubbling just waiting to come out. My first post proper is this space.

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