Sunday, 22 August 2010

Rainy Sundays.

There's something I've always loved about Sundays. I rarely do anything on Sundays, it's definitely my chilled out, wind down day. As it's raining (typical 'English summer' weather), and I noticed my awful looking toenails...I decided to paint my toenails! I was in the mood for something dark and possibly sparkly. With beige tones coming into fashion I thought hey why not mix it up a bit?. I also read the other day that putting sparkly nailvarnish with bits on top of a colour stops it chipping so quickly! So I opted for my faithful O.P.I's 'Over The Taupe' polish and 'Disco Ball Sparkle'. O.P.I nail varnishes retail for about £9.00 upwards, which does appear expensive. However I have had my bottles now for ages and you can tell the quality in the brush, the way the varnish goes on and how chip resistant it is. Not to mention the fact that they last a long time and I've nearly had one bottle go gloopy, like cheaper brand nail polishes do.

So here are the results, apologies for anyone who hates feet!!

I think the two varnishes work really well together, and putting my bad toe painting skills aside, I really like my newly painted toenails. Referring back to my last blog, Inception was AMAZING! Go see it if you can! Anyway I bought The Boat That Rocked the other day so I'm going to go watch it and curl up with a cup of tea!

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